“Mindful dishwashing”: how to turn a boring chore into mindfulness practice

What if we approached hand dishwashing as mindfulness practice rather than a boring chore? According to the study made in Florida State University, “mindful dishwashers — those who focus on the smell of the soap, the warmth of the water, the feel of the dishes — report a decrease in nervousness by 27 percent and an increase in mental inspiration by 25 percent”.

“Mindful dishwashing” can help you to kill two birds with one stone: clean those plates (you’re doing it anyway) and introduce an everyday mindfulness practice into your life. If you like the idea, but still are not sure how exactly you can meditate over the dishwashing routine, here’s the guided meditation that can give you an idea.

I personally have a dishwashing machine, but I’m definitely going to try this one! How about you?